Travel Essentials

Hey Guys!

So I've been on a plane quite a bit lately. Whether it's to Arizona, LA, Vancouver, Boston, Nova Scotia, or Chicago, I have my essentials that I take everywhere. I don't know about you guys, but whenever I'm on a plane or traveling, there are certain things I can't live without. 

1. Headphones- If I don't have headphones on a flight, I might as well just get off. 

2. Chapstick- I leave every plane ride feeling a mix of chapped lips and oily skin- very pleasant *not lol. 

3. Facial wipes- I like bringing cleansing wipes with me on a plane ride so I can ensure I'll not leave the plane breaking out. They are also great to have in your purse/bag at all times. 

4. Two good books- I usually need a good fiction book with me, and then a non-fiction just in case I finish one of them. 

5. Snacks! If I had time the night before (I'm a last minute packer and an early flyer), I will make peanut butter protein balls. If I'm getting something at the airport, I'll try to grab something healthy like a low sugar protein bar or coconut chips. 

6. Notebook and pen- I'm old fashioned and like making to-do lists and taking notes on paper. I will usually write things I want to schedule on my trip or song lyrics if I think of any on the plane. I also just like sketching and writing if I get bored. 

7. Hand Sanitizer- necessary. very necessary.

8. Battery pack for my phone- I often run out of battery on the plane so these come in handy for sure. 

9. Gum- I can't stand not having fresh breath so I always bring gum or Listerine strips. 

10. WATER- staying hydrated on a plane is so important to me. I bring the largest bottle of water I can find. 

11. Camera- I bring my camera EVERYWHERE. I love capturing memories and often look back on them or turn them into vlogs. 

12. Sweater- Sometimes planes are COLD. Even when it's 100º outside, the plane can feel like 50º, so I bring a sweater just in case. 


What are your travel essentials? Tell me! @sydneyscotia



Sydney Dodick