New year, new playlist


Ya know what that means?..

I need new music to listen to when I'm driving, running on the treadmill and avoiding conversations at the supermarket. 

Here's what is on my playlist right now! (literally, right now.. as I'm writing this, I'm adding songs)

(BTW- most of it's upbeat because we have to keep that new year motivation) 

1. Real Friends, All These Years, and Into It by Camila Cabello

This new album is sooo good. I always loved her music and her new album is hit after hit. 

2. The Future (feat. Antony & Cleopatra) by Motez

I describe this song as Indie Electronic. It's really catchy and extremely vibey- one of those songs you could jam out to or lay back and chill to. 

3. Freedom '90 by the Pitch Perfect Cast

Okay, I love George Michael AND I love Pitch Perfect, so I was grooving in the theatre when I saw Pitch Perfect 3 and heard them sing this song #spoileralert. 

4. When I'm 64 by the Beatles

So, I know, this one isn't new... It's still on my playlist right now though so.....

5. I Like Me Better (Cheat Codes Remix)

Same great song, a little more upbeat. 

6. Juke Jam by Chance the Rapper 

Early 2017 I was listening to this everyday. Took a break, now it's back on the playlist. Bam. 

7. Everybody Wants to be Famous by Superorganism

A fun lil indie tune I'm into. 

8. Love on Me by Galantis

We play this in our hot yoga class when we get to the cardio portion of the class. This song really gets me through my work outs. 

9. Finesse by Bruno Mars feat. Cardi B


10. Hurt Somebody by Noah Kahan and Julia Michaels

I love Julia Michaels and everything she does. I hadn't heard of Noah Kahan but I dig this song. Thinking about a cover...Hmmmmm..


GUYS, I WROTE A SONG! (shameless plug) I'm reallyyyyyyy excited about it!!!! I've been in the studio the last quarter of 2017 and early this year recording. I can't wait for you guys to hear this year! Updates coming your way soon:))))

Thanks for coming along while I organize my playlist!!! Let me know if you're enjoying the blogs and what you'd like to see, hear, read! Instagram/Twitter: @sydneyscotia 




Sydney Dodick