Who else has been super curious about Glossier?!

I finally decided that I should see what all the hype and dewy highlight pictures were about. I recently went to the LA Melrose Place Glossier location to pick up some products. One word- HECTIC. But not in a “get me out of here” way. More like “they better not sell out of the concealer before I get in!” way. There was a line out the door and the store was packed. Obviously, I was in the right place.

Because they have a super streamlined product selection, it’s really easy to find what you’re looking for and try it out. I love Sephora, but Glossier has the right method when it comes to testing and buying products. They have two aisles of products and mirrors everywhere. Also, there are a couple sinks to try out the skincare. I love that they don’t overdo their product selection- you have dry skin?, here’s a moisturizer. You have breakouts?, here’s one product to fix it.

There was a HUGE line by a door inside the store. I asked what it was for and they said it was an Antelope Canyon inspired art installation. Didn't go in. Might regret lol.

After I checked out with one of the girls, they called my name and brought my tote. Also sooo smart. No lines and you get to keep looking around while you wait for the products (which made me realize I needed to buy a lipstick as well).

I ended up buying the Solution, Super Pure serum, Stretch Concealer in G11, Generation G lipstick in “LIKE”, boy brow, the priming moisturizer, lidstar in “FAWN”, and cloud paint in “HAZE”. I also am trying out the Milky Jelly Cleanser for a bit.

I LOVE all of these products and am living for my makeup and skin care routine right now.

My skin easily breaks out and I am working on hyper pigmentation. None of these products are irritating my skin. In fact, my face is really dry right now, so the concealer is perfect since its on the moisturizing, dewier side.

Overall, I’m obsessed. Glossier, I love u.

That is all!



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Sydney Dodick