Hey guys!

Back at it again with the blog!! I know… it’s been a minute and a half. My schedule has been crazy between filming the documentary, auditions, and life in general. But the blog must go on!

I wanted to talk about what I do to keep myself sane between all of the craziness. Whether it’s school, work, pursuing passions, side-hustles, etc, we ALL get caught up and forget to take a second for ourselves. Here are some of the little things I do to make sure I have at least an hour in the day for myself.

  1. Exercise- Okay, I know this isn’t everyone’s jam, but there are ways to make this really therapeutic. Taking a 30 min walk, riding your bike to coffee, running, yoga, indoor cycling, shopping(yes, I consider this cardio), crossfit, zumba. Whatever it is, everyone can find something that will give you a second to yourself, just to work on yourself.

  2. Dance- This could be considered exercise, but when I dance, it’s just because I love it. I don’t think about what I was doing before class, or what I have to do after. All I care about is learning the combo and smashing it. And. It’s. My. Favorite. Thing. Ever.

  3. Reading- I don’t do this enough, but I love it. Maybe on those plane rides over the holidays, find a good book that you know you can get through. There’s nothing more satisfying than finishing an amazing book.

  4. Watching movies- Pretty self-explanatory. I have been trying to do this more lately. This is so important for creativity and inspiration. You can do this alone or have friends over and take the night off.

  5. Making videos- This isn’t for everyone, but I find this so fun. Whenever I’m doing something fun, I love documenting it and reliving it while I’m editing.

  6. Learning new skills- For example, I am trying to master Adobe Premiere Pro editing software and Photoshop. It takes a few days and a lot of tutorials, but if you have some time to spare, teaching yourself new skills is so important and makes you way more efficient in the future.

  7. Music- I have been trying to sing and play guitar everyday, Just because I love it.

  8. Cleaning- I don’t know about you guys, but in order for me to relax or do anything at home, it has to be clean. This takes very little time and makes you much happier, if you’re like me.

  9. Cooking- Love cooking. Makes me so happy. Hate dishes. Pick your battles.

Well, here are my tips for staying sane in a world that is constantly telling you to go, go, go.

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Sydney Dodick