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It's awards season!!! That means viewing parties and ballots!! I get pretty competitive with my Oscar ballot, not going to lie. I love awards season. I find it so fun and inspiring!! Especially being in LA, the energy is electric! Here are my picks for this year! (Full disclosure: I've seen ALMOST everything)

Best Picture:

There were soooo many amazing films this year. My faves were Ladybird and Call Me By Your Name. I have an inkling that Three Billboards or Shape of Water might win (which was amazing and totally deserving), but I really hope Ladybird wins. I love the story, message, cast, and the fact that the director was an actress AND this was her first film!

Lead Actor:

Okay this is hard. Timothee Chalet had my favorite performance of the year because of how real and unique his character was. People have quirks and idiosyncrasies and Elio, his character, was beautifully imperfect. This movie was also so smart. The director didn't feel the need to explain everything. Sometimes human emotions can't be explained, and they don't always need to be! Even though I LOVED Call Me By Your Name, I think Gary Oldman is going to take the Oscar because there's no denying how incredible his transformation and portrayal of Winston Churchill was. 

Lead Actress:

YASSS QUEENS! SOSOSOSO GOOD! I loved all of them. Sairose Ronan has been one of my favorite actors for years and Brooklyn was my favorite film last year so I really want her to win. #TEAMSAIROSE Frances McDormand also deserves it. Margot Robbie is one of my all time faves, but I think she's going to clean up next year. 

Supporting Actor:

Woody Harrelson or Willam Dafoe. I think Woody Harrelson wins this one. We'll see, I'm stumped with this category. 

Supporting Actress:

Okay, Allison Janey was brilliant in I, Tonya so I will be so happy when she wins this. But LAURIE METCALF. I mean, c'mon. I'm just in awe of Ladybird. 

Animated Feature:

I'll admit, I haven't seen all of these. My prediction is CoCo takes it all. 

Original Screenplay:

Shape of Water is definitely winning. 


Shape of Water. 

Documentary Feature:

I'm still watching some of these, but Abacus was amazing and made by the legendary Steve James, so I'm betting on this one. 

Film Editing: 

Shape of Waterrr. Not because it was my fave, but because it was a really well done film. All around. 

Sound Mixing, Production Design, Sound Editing:

Shape of water lol. 


I always get this one wrong. I think Hans Zimmer for Dunkirk might be the winner here. 

Make up: 

OOOOH TRICKY CATEGORY. I'm thinking Darkest Hour simply because of Gary Oldman. AMAZING. 

Visual Effects:

I always get this one wrong too. In my defense, they all have amazing vfx. Let's say... hmm. Blade Runner. I'm semi-confident about that one. 

If I get more than 50% of these wrong, I will be very upset haha. Stay tuned.

What were your favorite films this past year?! Let me know on social media!!!

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