Four Tips For Holiday Shopping

Slay those seasonal sales like a pro

Some people’s entire wardrobe comes in boxes shipped to their doorstep, but that’s never been my style. I’m a visual person and a pretty picky shopper, so I have to touch, see and try on everything — sometimes a few times — before I know if I’m going to love it. Hitting the shops during the holidays can be hectic, but it’s often totally worth it. Here’s how I manage.

Plan ahead: Make a wish list!

I've been saving my shopping for the holiday (sale!) season, so I keep a list on my phone of things I'm looking for when I notice a gap in my wardrobe or get inspired by a friend (or an Instagram post). Sometimes it’s something general like "a statement necklace,” sometimes it’s a specific must-have like "slouchy grey beanie." I like knowing what I want so I can beeline to the accessories department and avoid spending too long wandering around a crowded store.

Start early: Be the first one through the door.

I'm not a morning person, but when I’ve got some serious browsing to do I'll wake up at the crack of dawn (read: 8 a.m.) to beat the crowd. I don't like being rushed when I'm shopping because I tend to make snap decisions and get that “what was I thinking?” feeling an hour later — plus the selection is better early. (I’m not the only girl in L.A. who takes this stuff seriously!)

Dress for the occasion: SEPARATES.

Wear a sweater and jeans so you can try on tops and bottoms and see how they look with clothing you already own. Dresses might be easy to slip on and off, but it’s hard to imagine how a single piece will work with your wardrobe if you’re wearing an entirely new outfit.This applies to everyday shopping too, but I think it's so much more important when you're pressed for time and need to make every item you bring into the dressing room count!

Take style risks:

As much as I love planning ahead, the holiday sale season can be a great opportunity to experiment. Trying something new feels much less risky when it’s on super-sale. I've been flip flopping about picking up a mid-length skirt and will probably pull the trigger when I find a great deal, so I’m not as bummed if it ends up in the back of my closet.

Do you have any shopping hacks to share? Have you ever gotten an amazing deal on something you now LOVE? Show me your hauls!





Sydney Dodick