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When I first saw the audition come in for Tamra in Reboot: The Guardian Code, I freaked out. I had been hearing rumors for years about a revival of the popular 90s animation that my brother had grown up watching. Naturally, one I told my brother that I had an audition for it, he freaked out as well. My brother coached me through the audition process because he had a deep understanding of this genre and a passion for the tech and computer science world of the series. I immediately identified with this character because she is edgy and sarcastic with a big heart. Tamra is a chameleon to the situation and group she is placed in. Although she is closed off, she cares immensely for her friends. I loved the entire process of growing with Tamra because I had just come off of another series where I played the exact opposite. After three years of really enjoying and having fun playing the dumb blonde, I was ready for the smart and challenging role of Tamra. Although this series is completely different from the original series, I find that many of the themes parrallel that of the original and the drama and intensity is not spared.


Once we met in person, we knew we had something special. We hit it off and became great friends over the period of a couple months. We were spending every waking moment together and having the best time on and off of set. I cannot say enough good things about the cast and crew of Reboot. Our director, producers, showrunner, network execs, DP, cam ops, ADs, wardrobe, hair, makeup, production staff were the best of the best and the most lovely people you could come across- I mean they're Canadian after all. I cannot wait for everyone to see Reboot: The Guardian Code on Netflix on March 30th and YTV on June 30th. I will be updating and posting on this website, instagram, twitter, and youtube:) @sydneyscotia Thanks for reading and tune in this March! xoxo