creativity is contagious.

pass it on.

- albert einstein


all about Sydney.

Launching her professional career as an actress in 2012, Sydney hit the scene with drive, passion, and unrivaled creativity. She made a splash in the industry, appearing in numerous television programs including See Dad Run and Some Assembly Required and feature films including A Mermaid's Tale. Soon, with the debut of her own documentary, she'll add "director" and "producer" to her list of accomplishments. 

If one were to calculate her talents as threats, she'd be well into the double digits. As a musician, she soars and captivates. As a songwriter, her engaging and honest storytelling leaves listeners craving just one more song. Whether she is behind the camera or on the stage, Sydney draws in viewers, holding audiences in the palm of her hand, and exceeding all expectations. 

And she's just getting started. 

Since breaking into the industry, Sydney has been continuously recognized by colleagues and peers for her talents and accomplishments. In 2014 she received the Joey Awards Young Actress in a TV Series Comedy/Action Leading Role for her performance in the hit Netflix series, Some Assembly Required. Sydney went on to receive the same award for her role as Geneva in 2015.

During her third season for Some Assembly Required, Sydney produced and acted in the short film, I Dare You, which was accepted to the Not Short On Talent competition at the Cannes Film Festival. In 2016, Sydney received a Joey Award Best Actress in a Short Film nomination for her performance as reckless teenager, Julie.

From behind the lens, Sydney continues to produce and direct her own films, currently, working on two documentaries. One covers the American record company Motown and music copyright, while Sydney's second documentary delves into the dark realm of traumatic brain injury as a result of domestic violence.

Passionate and brimming with talent, Sydney Scotia is more than just a force to be reckoned with:

She's unstoppable.